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The following are some projects that we had done, to find out more about other projects that we had done, please feel free to contact us.

Design Estimation Software

Provide a graphical user interface for users without technical knowledge to design an Air Condition system for houses.


  • Reduce the technical knowledge required for unit capacity & duct sizes measurement as well as other required components to make up the system based on the house plan.
  • Increase productivity as it reduce the time required and the ability to produce a quote in the spot.
  • Reduce the possibility of user error in providing an under/overestimate quote.
  • Streamlined the process from quote to installation of the system.
  • Project sharing by multiple users in different states using integrated synchronisation system
  • Integrated account management
  • Standardized the procedure.

Transport & Logistics (Cloud Solutions)

Provide an integrated system solutions for transporation and logistics company. The integrated solution automates most of the tasks required from request of delivery to delivery.


  • Automate the importation of request delivery file from supplier.
  • Automate creation of picking slips and barcode print out.
  • Automate con note creation and print out.
  • Reduce the possibility of user error.
  • Reduce required user time to process request.
  • Track and Trace of each con note at all point.
  • Reporting to ensure compliance.
  • Integrated account management
  • Integrated billing payment

Insurance Trading Solutions (Cloud Solutions)

Provide an online trading platform for Underwriter and Brokers to manage quotes, risks, accounts, claims and reporting.


  • Skinnable solution for a customised platform for different underwriters.
  • Expandable and customisable products offered by different underwriters using XML.
  • Integrated risk management.
  • Integrated claim management.
  • Integrated account management.
  • Scalable reporting system to meet the different requirements of different underwriters
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